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Combi Frame:x

The Combi Frame:x is a unique wheelchair frame for customized seating systems.

The Combi Frame:x is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can be fitted with different seat and back systems.

Both users and caregivers benefit from the many built-in functions and simple adjustment possibilities. The Combi Frame:x is suitable for users needing an individual seating system and base.

The x:panda and Panda Futura seats are easily mounted directly on the Combi Frame:x or by using an adaptor. Other types of seating units are mounted directly onto the base plate.

The frame is available in silver, black or white with 12½”, 20”, 22” or 24” rear wheels, and 6” or 7” front wheels.


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Product Description


combi frame:x



Center of gravity and tilt in space

The Combi Frame:x center of gravity is self-centring. The seating unit can be tilted from horizontal to 40 degrees


Compatible with different seat and back systems

The Combi Frame:x can be equipped with different back systems and cushions


Fixed mounting or interface

Various seats can be mounted directly onto the Combi Frame:x. Alternatively the seats can be mounted into an interface. The frame is used for a variety of seating units like the Panda Futura and x:panda from R82


Safe transportation in vehicles

The Combi Frame:x complies with the international transit wheelchair standard ISO 7176-19. The Combi Frame:x can be used with seat units that comply with ISO 16840-4





max. 220 lb

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
8½” 10½” 12½” 14½”
9¾” 11¾” 13½” 15½”
17” 18¼” 22½” 26¼”
17-18-19¼” 17-18-19¼” 17-18-19¼” 17-18-19¼”
22¾” 24¾” 26¾” 28¾”
32¾” 32¾” 32¾” 32¾”
35½” 37” 41” 45”
17¼” 19” 21¾” 23½”
21¾” 21¾” 21¾” 21¾”
31½” 31½” 33” 37”
23½” 23½” 23½” 23½”
48,5 lb 50,5 lb 53 lb 59,5 lb
41,8 lb 44 lb 46,2 lb 52,8 lb
220 lb 220 lb 220 lb 220 lb
220 lb 220 lb 220 lb 220 lb
5-45° 5-45° 5-45° 5-45°
30° 30° 30° 30°
Width, base plate
Depth, base plate
Back height (C)
Seat height above floor (E)
Width, with 22” wheels (G)
Length (H)
Height, to the top of push brace fitting (I)
Width between wheels (G1)
Height, folded, to the top of the back (I)
Length, folded, without leg rests
Turning radius
Weight, without rear wheels
Max load (=user+seat+accessories)
Max load for transportation (=user+seat+accessories)
Tilt in space
Back recline



The Combi Frame:x is available in four sizes

  • The Combi Frame:x is used for various seat units, e.g. Panda Futura and x:panda. Read about the seats in the Panda Futura and x:panda sections

Frame color




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