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The R82 Cricket is a lightweight, compact and easy-to-fold wheelchair developed with aesthetics, quality and comfort in mind. This fun push wheelchair provides support and stability for the child, along with excellent functionality for the caregivers. With its effortless maneuverability, the R82 Cricket is the perfect chair for outings and adventures!

This 20°fixed tilt chair comes in two sizes and adapts to the child’s growth, maximizing its lifespan. 360° turnable front wheels ensure a smooth ride and make steering a breeze, and puncture-proof wheels provide exceptional performance. Children will delight in the choice of colors and caregivers will appreciate the ease of use and flexibility of the R82 Cricket. Furthermore, the Cricket is approved for transportation and complies with ISO 7176-19 for safe transportation in vehicles.


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Product Description





Tool-less back recline

The backrest angle can be adjusted by 15° from 110° to 125°.


Growth capabilities

As the user grows, Cricket’s seat depth, seat width and height of footplate can be adjusted according to the child’s size.


Light weight and easy to fold

This lightweight wheelchair is compact when folded, and is self-standing, requiring minimum storage space.


Height & angle adjustable foot support

The Cricket comes with a footplate that is height and angle adjustable. The foot support swings away for easy transfer without the need for tools.


Size 1
cm (inch)
Cricket size 2
cm (inch)
13½” 15½”
13½” 15¼”
10¾” 13″
8¼-12¼” 12¼-17″
19¾” 22½”
19¾-21″ 21¼-22¼”
7-14¼” 8¾-14½”
360° 360°
20¾” 22¾”
39¼” 41¼”
29½” 29½”
14″ 14″
19″ 19″
30″ 30″
110-125° 110-125°
20° 20°
57″ 60″
27.3 lb 29.5 lb
77 lb 110 lb
59,5 lb 94.5 lb
7¾” 10¾”
6¼- 7½” 6¼- 7½”
32″ 32″
10° 10°
Seat width (A)
Back width, outside (F1)
Back width, inside (F)
Seat depth (B)
Backrest height
Seat surface height at front edge
Footrest to seat distance
Leg to feet surface angle
Width (G)
Height (I)
Length (H)
Width folded
Height folded
Length folded
Backrest angle
Seat plane angle
Minimum turning diameter
Weight, total
Max load (=user+seat+accessories)
Max load for transportation (=user+seat+accessories)
Front location of armrest structure
Armrest to seat distance
Required width of right angled corridor
Angle range



The Cricket is available in two sizes

  • Size 1
  • Size 2


Front wheels

Rear wheels

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