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The Crocodile is a walking aid for children with special needs, who need supplementary assistance with their daily walking.

Crocodile aims for harmony, balance and rhythm. Placed behind the child, the frame allows freedom of movement and facilitates walking in the upright position. The adjustable handles can be individually adapted to a position conveniently close to the child’s body providing maximum support and stability.

The Crocodile is light, easy to dismantle and safe and easy to use. A large group of children can use the Crocodile as a basic posterior gait trainer for the child who needs minimal support, or as a fully supported upright gait trainer with all of the accessories added.

The Crocodile is available in three sizes and suitable for children and young people.


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Product Description





Height adjustable top frame

Easy to adjust the height without using any tools.


Multi-adjustable handle

Allows you to grow in width as well as in height. Positioning the grips close to the body gives better support and a better walking position.


On/off anti-reverse wheel stops

Keeps the unit from rolling backwards. It is very easy to lock/unlock once walking skills improve. The anti-reverse wheel stops are used for children with less balance and control.


Foldable frame

Makes storage and transporting the Crocodile easy.



15¼ -39½”


max.176¼ lb

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
10½ – 21½” 12½ – 23½” 13½ – 27¼”
16½ – 22” 21¾ – 27¼” 27¼ -34¼”
24” 27¼” 27¼”
28” 32¾” 34¼”
19-25¾” 25¼ – 32” 30¼”
28” 33½” 39½”
12” 10½” 11½”
12 lb 14 lb 26½ lb
44¾” 58½” 71”
66 lb 99 lb 176¼ lb
39½” 45” 45”
Width between handles (J)
Height from floor to handles (K)
Width (G)
Length (H)
Frame height (I)
Length folded
Height folded
Weight, standard
User height, maximum
User weight, maximum
Turning radius


As standard the Crocodile is delivered with handles, lockable wheels, anti roll back and tension adjustment on rear wheels.

Size and colours

Yellow for size 1

Orange for size 2

Metallic black for size 2

Anthracite grey for size 3

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