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Full Electric Low Height Bed

  • Low Deck height with flexibility to configure “roll at any height” or “roll at low height only” castor location (Figure A)
  • -Roll at any Height: 11 ½” (290mm) to 22 7/8″ (580 mm) deck height
  • -Roll at Low Height: 9 ½” (241 mm) to 19 7/8″ (505mm) deck height
  • Quiet, convenient, full electric operation provides smooth position change w/easy-to-use Hand Pendant control of Head/Foot Section positioning and overall height of the bed frame for maximum comfort and versatility for the patient or caregiver(Figure B)
  • Height-adjustment and Head/Foot deck motors come pre-installed on the foot section; no assembly required
  • In the event of power failure, top mounted Hi/Lo crank accessibility (Figure C)
  • Easy-to-transport and set up Bed ships in two cartons
  • Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight
  • Reinforced frame resists twisting and bending Long lasting Zinc-coated spring deck for Patient comfort
  • Heavy-duty bed ends; attractive, easy-to-maintain
  • Headboard is taller than footboard to blend with home décor, wood grain panels are break and scratch resistant (Figure D)
  • Labels and color-coded springs help ensure accurate installation of side rails for patient safety(Figure E)
  • High performance workhorse muscle of the 3-motor power plant is an industry standard (Figure F)
  • Half rails and full rails available (Sold separately)
  • Motor is UL Approved, Manufactured in ISO9001 facility
  • Bed, side rails and mattress safety-tested by SGS, a nationally recognized testing facility Satisfies all applicable FDA entrapment guidelines
  • Extension kit available (model #15005EXTKIT-L) extends length from 80″ to 84″
  • Weight Capacity 450 lbs Includes occupant, mattress, rails, trapeze, accessories, personal affects, etc

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Product Description

Roll at any Height 11½” (290mm) to 22 ⅞ ” (580 mm) deck height
Roll at Low Height 9½” (241mm) to 19 ⅞ ” (505mm) deck height
Unit Dimensions 36″ (W) x 88″ (L)
Weight 185 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight 198 lbs.
Weight Limit 450 lbs. (Includes occupant, mattress, side rails, trapeze, accessories, personal affects, etc.)
Warranty (Original Purchaser) Limited Lifetime on Welds, 5 Years on Frame, 1 Year on All Other Parts and Components

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