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The all-new Go-Chair is re-engineered
from the ground up, offering a
bold new style available in an array
of contemporary colors. Enhanced
performance and comfort, along
with feather-touch disassembly,
allows you to enjoy light-weight
travel and independence on the go.
With an increased weight capacity
of 300 lbs. and a sleek, bold look, the
new Go-Chair makes travel easy


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Product Description


Drive Wheels 9″ (solid)
Front Casters 6″ (solid)
Rear Anti-tips 3″ (solid)
Maximum Speed1 Up to 3.7 mph
Ground Clearance2 1.6″ at anti-tip bracket
1.9″ at frame
Turning Radius2 25.4″ with foot platform
Length 33″ with front rigging
Width6 22.6″
Seat Type Foldable, compact, lightweight
Seat to Ground Height 22″-23″
Batteries3,5 (2) 18 Ah, 12 V, deep-cycle
Range1,4 Up to 8.74 miles
Charger Off-board, 2 amp
Electronics 40 amp, PG GC3
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Base Weight 67 lbs. (front & rear)
Standard Seat Weight 30 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight5 31 lbs.
Suspension Limited
Heaviest Piece 36 lbs. (rear)

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