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High – Temp Medical Sheepskin

High Temperature Medical Sheepskins Rugs offer the same user benefits as our standard machine washable medical sheepskins. The added benefit is that these pelts are tanned and treated specifically to withstand repeated washing at 80 Degrees Celsius.
This high washing temperature meets standard health authority requirements for disinfection. These rugs are intended for repeated use in Hospitals or nursing facilities.
Australian medical grade Sheepskin rugs can greatly increase patient comfort and relief from pressure points and bed sores. Medical sheepskin pads distribute pressure points and help to alleviate discomfort for patients who are confined to one position for long periods of time.
Sheepskin wool is a soft and hollow fiber. This allows for maximum breath-ability which regulates body temperature and keeps users comfortable and dry.
The wool pile has been trimmed to 1.25″ to reduce matting from over use. Our medical sheepskin pads are durable and machine washable.
Medical sheepskins are specially selected for their larger size and extremely dense wool.
For use in beds and wheelchairs. Also commonly used on recliners, chairs, and couches.
*Some colour loss may occur with washing, commonly on the initial wash.


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Product Description

  • 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin
  • Machine washable up to 80⁰ C / 176⁰ F
  • 1 pelt: ~ 2×3.5ft (60x100cm)
  • Wool pile: ~1.25″ (3 cm)
  • Dense merino lambswool
  • Durable leather underside
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & biodegradable
  • Flame resistant

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