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IPS Car Seat (2000 Series)

The IPS Car Seat offers a lighter and narrower alternative to our Spirit Car Seat. Designed to accommodate children with mild positioning needs, the IPS offers the safety of an everyday car seat while providing a higher level of postural support than a traditional car seat.

Like its sister product, The Spirit, the IPS Car Seat accommodates a wide weight range of 20-102 lbs and provides a comfortable seating environment as a result of the memory foam back support and seating area. Additionally, it comes standard with head support.

Colors available Roadster Red, Convertible Pink, Dune Buggy Beige, Speedway Gray and Go Kart Green.

Roadster RedConvertible PinkDune Buggy BeigeSpeedway GrayGo Kart GreenIPS_2000-Gray-in-van1920

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Product Description


Modern, Multi Color Design

Featuring a modern design combination of faux suede and mesh, the IPS Care Seat is offered in 5 different colors options that range from bright and vibrant like Mermaid Pink to colors created to match the interiors of cars like Speedway Gray.

Ideal for Transport

The smaller sized IPS Car Seat is approved for airline travel in the passenger cabin, school buses, vans and cars.

Ability to Grow

The combination of the IPS Car Seats weight capacity and optional seat depth extender, allow for the seat to grow as the child or young adult grows.


Product Weight Weight Capacity Height Capacity Shoulder Harness Heights Seat to Top Height Seat Depth Seat Depth (w/ Extender) Inside Seat Width at Front Inside Seat Width at Back Outside Width Outside Depth Seat to Back Angle
2000 11 lbs. 20 – 102 lbs. Up to 60″ 11.5″, 14.5″, 17.5″, 20.5″ 29″ 10″ 12.5″ or 15″ 15.5″ 13″ 19″ 11″ 88°

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