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P Pod

The P Pod was born as a result of feedback from parents that were clamoring for an alternative seating device for the home that would provide all the clinical benefits their child’s needs, while allowing them to actively participate with the family.

The P Pod does just that. Through its vibrant colors and bean bag like design, the P Pod offers a warm, fun and engaging look with a specially molded foam liner that provides outstanding positional support and comfort.

There are three components to the P Pod: The Positioning Pod, a molded foam liner that provides optimal postural support, the Bolster Support which assists with upright positioning and a bean bag base.

The P Pod is suitable for all ages.

Mermaid PinkWhale BlueJellyfish PurpleStarfish RedSeahorse GreenPool BlueP-Pod_Lifestyle1920

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Product Description


Positioning Pod

Heat treated foam liner that encompasses the seating area and provides both optimal postural support and comfort.

Quilted Cover

Padded cover with a combination of colors ranging from bright and playful to warm and relaxing add to the comfort of the chair and is machine washable.

Vibrant Design

The P Pod’s design allows for a look that is engaging, fun, and playful. Unlike so many clinical products, the P Pod looks at home in any environment.


Seat Depth Hip Width Trunk Width Seat Depth Axilla Height Shoulder Height Head Height
Extra Small 9″ 10″ 8.75″ 9″ 10.25″ 14.5″ 19.75″
Small 11.5″ 10.25″ 10″ 11.5″ 11.5″ 16.5″ 22″
Medium 13″ 12.25″ 10.5″ 13″ 12.5″ 17.25″ 24.5″
Large 13.75″ 14.25″ 12.5″ 13.75″ 15″ 20″ 26″
Extra Large 17″ 16.5″ 13.5″ 17″ 16.5″ 21.75″ 26.75″

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