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Strong Base

The Strong Base is a simple, stable and strong base for large seat units e.g. Panda Futura 5 and x:panda 4 from R82.

Seat units are mounted either directly onto the Strong Base or by means of an interface making it easy to switch between frames.

The Strong Base is equipped with four smooth running castors which makes it easy to move the frame around, either unaided or with help from an assistant.

The Strong Base comes in one size and in two versions, with either manual or spindle height adjustment. Max. load on the Strong Base is 264 lbs.


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Product Description


strong base



Height adjustment

The Strong Base has either manual or spindle height adjustment. The manual base adjust from 11¾” to 21½” in height – the spindle base adjust from 11¾” to 20” in height


Tilt in space

The tilt in space function helps obtain varied seating positions. Simply angle the complete unit into desired position. Tilt in space from -10 to +25°


Fixed mounting or interface

Various seats can be mounted directly onto the Strong Base. Alternatively the seats can be mounted by means of an interface


Easy to maneuver

The smooth running castors make it very easy to move the Strong Base around. All four castors are equipped with directional stabilizers and brakes securing stability





max.264 lb

23½” 23½”
27¼” 27¼”
11¾-21¾” 11¾-21¾”
16½-26½” 16½-24¾”
45-66” 17¾-27½”
-10° – +25° -10° – +25°
31 lb 34 lb
264 lb 264 lb
Frame width, total (G)
Frame length (H)
Height (I)
Top of x:panda 4 seat to floor
Top of Panda 5 seat to floor
Angling of base plate
Max. user weight / load


The frames are available as either manual or spindle height adjustment

  • Manual
  • Spindle

Seat plate

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