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Trust Lift Porch Lift

With up to 750lbs of capacity in our lift RAM
can cater for even the most robust powered
wheel chairs.
A takes up far less space than
a Ramp and, by using an all-electric drive design,
RAM can offer some of the most compact units
on the market today. For specific sizes please see
the technical information section.
Every model can be configured
to suit up to 14 feet of travel
Whether you are looking for a way to “age in
place”, prevent falls, outfit your home to contend
with a new challenge, or access your home in flood
zones RAM has the expertise, developed over the
last 25 years, to assist you.
RAM designs the to have one of
the smoothest and quietest drive systems on the
market. This system avoids belt squeal and avoids
vibration noise by isolating the motor from the
main drive screw.
RAM has numerous options that can make using
your lift easier and more helpful in your daily life.
Don’t forget to consider some of the additional
safety options that can be included to ensure
worry free usage should your circumstances
change over time.
If you want to have your lift blend in with your
home or building RAM offers custom colors that
can help you achieve this goal.


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Product Description

Used for: garages, porches, decks,
or other home access points
• Small foot print for use in existing
or new homes
• RAM’s #1 selling lift
• Configured every time for optimal safety
• Options to allow for calling and sending
the platform
Perfect for accessing homes that
are in flood prone or coastal areas
• Motor and all electrical mounted at
the top so avoid any water issues
• Great for accessing taller decks
• Great for extreme heat and cold due to
our patented Zero-Load Start Design
A perfect solution for getting between
floors of a house (existing or new)
• Multi-Stop Option available
• Less costly than a full elevator
• Can be installed with full height doors
to ensure it does not compromise the
attractiveness of your home
• Shallow 2”in Pit or a Ramp for access
at lowest landing
• Can be retrofitted to your existing home
or included as an option in a new home
Highly useful in schools, churches, or
at venues with stages where access is
required only from time to time or in
multiple locations
• Non-permanent installation where
temporary accessibility is required
• Limited to 52” of travel
• All the safety features built in to a standard Trust Lift

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