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Versa Bath Transfer and Commode

The Versa Transfer System is lightweight and multi-functional. Made of high grade aluminum, stainless steel and padded polyurethane the Versa can be utilized as a bath transfer system, roll-in shower chair or even a bedside commode.

Our Versa Transfer System has three components: a polyurethane seating area with an opening that allows for enhanced bathing access as well as the ability to serve as a commode, a rolling base that is used for the initial portion of the transfer and a tub base that when connected to the rolling base engages the shuttle function for transfer.

This system is most suitable for young adults and up that require minimal positioning support.


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Product Description


Multi-Purpose Functionality

Functions as a bath transfer system, rolling shower chair, bedside commode or over the toilet commode.

Weight Capacity

The Versa Transfer system has the highest weight capacity of any of our transfer systems accommodating weights up to 300lbs.


Tub Base is constructed with high-grade aluminum, which provides exceptional strength and durability. The Slider Safe Auto-Stop Safety System ensures that the chair will not come off the base.


Weight Capacity Chair + Rolling Base Weight Tub Base + Bridge Weight Rolling Base Dims. Tub Base Dims. (Footprint) Inside Seat Depth Seat Hole Seat Width Back Width Back Height Seat Height Adj. Range Overall Length (Transfer System) Max. Clearance Height
BTV-5100 300 lbs. 40 lbs. 20 lbs. 20″W x 17″D 18″W x 17″D 18″ 9″W x 14.5″D 19″ 16.5″ 15″ 24.5″, 25.25″, 26″, 26.75″, 27.5″ 53″ 17″

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