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Vests and Belts

R82 has developed a broad line of vests and belts to compliment seating and positioning systems. They increase comfort, safety, and ensure a correct sitting position.

These products take advantage of R82’s years of manufacturing expertise and are designed with soft, yet strong materials.

They are quick to remove or install and easy to adjust. A wide ­selection ensures correct support for all users. The vests and belts are designed to fit any R82 seating ­product and can also be used on other products as well.

All the vests and upholstered belts are made of breathable fabrics, which make them comfortable to wear. They can be washed up to 104F . Mounting of the vest and belts can be done with the enclosed buckles or fastening to the outside of the chair. The vest and belts must be adjusted to fit the user, depending on how much clothing the user is wearing.


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Product Description



Support at the trunk

A wide selection of trunk supports ensures a correct support for all users


Support at the hips

A wide selection of hip belts ensures a correct support for all users


Support at the feet

Different supports can be added for correct positioning of the user’s feet


Comfort and protection

Different selections of thermo bags and rain capes ensure the comfort of the user


Trunk support

Shoulder straps 89663-H

Sternum belt 85430-x

Chest belt 85428-x

Neoprene vest 89113-x

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