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This foldable pediatric wheelchair provides mobility, comfort and safety. Perfect for an active user. The wheelchair offers flip-back padded desk arms, swing-away footrests, calf strap, pelvic belt, and adjustable height push handles as standard features. WC19 bus transit compliant for users between 50 and 80 lb (standard transit brackets included).


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Product Description


Height adjustable push handles

Adjustable to perfectly fit the care-giver

Pelvic belt

For added positioning support

Flip Back Armrests

Allows for easier transfers


Product Seat Dimensions Frame Color Product Overall Width Open Product Overall Width Closed Product Overall Length (with Riggings) Product Length Product Weight Capacity
12″ Chair 12″W x 12″D Red 20″ 12″ 37″ 28.5″ 150 lbs.
14″ Chair 14″W x 14″D Blue 22″ 12″ 39″ 30.5″ 150 lbs.

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